In this episode of Osculum Infame, Emma and Pete discuss archaeology, stone circles in the UK, and how living in a perpetual liminal place may prime one for occult experimentation. 


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She's back, and she's drinking crab wine! In this solo episode, Emma talks about a few books from her past and how they may have shaped the witch she became.

In this episode, Emma Eldritch is joined by Jesse Inocalla and Gidget Gravedigger to talk about what to do when magic doesn't work the way you wanted it to. How did you screw up? How can you NOT screw up? Was He-Man's disguise worse than Clark Kent's? All this and more.


Show Notes:

Find Jesse at
and Scary Shit to Hear In The Dark


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What happens when you dump Jesus? Emma Eldritch and Gidget Gravedigger are joined by special guest "Nic" who grew up Evangelical and eventually turned to the occult. How do you frame your magical experiences when your religion says they are evil? Was Jack Chick right all along about what will lead you astray? And who is the Plus One? All this and more!


Music by Alpha Hydrae (Public Domain)

In this episode, Emma Eldritch is joined by Jesse Inocalla to talk about servitors. Are they like Slenderman, pokemon, or as-seen-on-TV products? Maybe all three!


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Emma Eldritch is joined by Andrew Harron and Gidget Gravedigger, and together they try to track the trends within the occult community from the 1950s onward. Wicca, nudists, Satanism, rock and roll, witchcraft and chaos magic - all of this and more!

In this episode, Emma Eldritch is joined once again by her sister Gidget Gravedigger as they take a stroll down memory lane. They discuss what it was like to become a witch as a teenager living in the Bible Belt, and the pros and cons of their high school coven. They also reference 'The Craft' way too many times.

In this Halloween episode, Emma Eldritch is joined by Andrew Harron to discuss the notorious Luigi Board. I mean Ouija Board.


Show Notes:

Occult America by Mitch Horowitz

Unmasking Zozo by the Paranormal Scholar

Curse of the Weggy Board

In this episode, Emma Eldritch is joined by Gidget Gravedigger to discuss 'witchy aesthetics' and whether or not being a shallow ass witch is a bad thing. Also Stevie Nicks.


Show Notes:

A Brief History of the Tumblr Witch

How Witchcraft Became a Brand


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